e-Agriculture in the Caribbean – A Concept Come of Age

In recent years, there has been renewed emphasis on promoting agricultural production as well as food and nutrition security. Given that the demand for and supply of food will continue to be affected by population growth, rapid urbanization, shifts in dietary patterns, and climate change, improving agricultural production is likely to remain high on the policy agenda of country governments for the foreseeable future.

In many ACP countries, agriculture accounts for upwards of 50% of gross national product, and in some more than 60% of the population is engaged in agriculture.

Notwithstanding the significant impact that the sector has on developing economies and society, there is still a greater need to equip the various actors within the agricultural sector – the policy institutions, agri-business practitioners, farmers, researchers, and investment promotion agencies – with the tools which they need to develop modern and “best practice” strategies, plans, projects and methods which can assist in advancing the sector and as such allow the sector to meet the growing demands being placed on it by modernization and development.

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