Training and Capacity Building

At the end of the day, people and human resource capacity can be the ultimate factors which determine the ability of an organisation or sector to meet its strategic objectives. With regard to an organisation’s or sector’s ability to leverage ICTs, the human resource component is a key consideration to ensure that stakeholders have the necessary knowledge, skills, experience and aptitude needed to leverage the use of ICTs to improve the health of their particular interests.

Beyond this knowledge and skill component, another factor which is important to consider is persons’ willingness to adopt new ICT enabled business models and working behaviours, and their ability to adapt to changing technology and businesses realities. At INFOCOMM, we term this mindset and attitude consideration as “Psychographics”. We have determined Psychographics as the single greatest determinant of adoption and use of ICTs for business improvement.

INFOCOMM’s ICT Training Programmes can address both facets of the human resource capacity considerations – (1) knowledge/skills building and (2) mindset/ attitude conditioning. Due to the centrality of the people factor to the success or failure of ICT implementations, our consultants can assess gaps and challenges with respect to HR capacity, and customise training programmes to fill the need.