Network Security & ICT Risk Audits

The INFOCOMM Technologies’ Security and Risk audits are designed to give an organisation a understanding of their level vulnerability to their infrastructure becoming unpredictably unavailable, as well as their ability to recover from such an event. Our audits take into consideration.

  1. Network Access and Environmental Controls
  2. Network Physical Layer, including Structured Cabling/Certification
  3. Network Redundancy / Resiliency
  4. Network Segmentation, Permissions Access Control and Security Policies
  5. Converged Infrastructure (Centralization and Backup of Organizational Data)
  6. Business Continuity Planning (BCP) / Disaster Recovery (DR) Arrangements
  7. IT management and Governance Arrangements

Out of such assessments we provide clients with our recommendations with regard to a comprehensive ICT Network and Security solution which address the weaknesses found along with the cost and time considerations for the required and recommended work to be done. We also can provide draft Policies and Guidelines, which will enhance network and data security at the Client site