Cloud and Mobile Platforms

Digital transformation is and will continue to be one of the most significant contemporary drivers of business change in modern society. Absolutely every kind of firm, institution, Government agency and non-profit organisation in the coming decade will have to figure out how to facilitate their customers (and to a great extent too their employees and shareholders) on-line. INFOCOMM Technologies is your partner on this exciting journey.

At INFOCOMM we not only give bespoke strategies and advice but also the tools and implementation capacity to facilitate digital advancement / transformation.

Imagine a secure cloud environment where Government and business teams can configure and design e-services in days (rather than months), then build, manage, and release applications to the public (or internal publics) with a radically shortened path to stakeholder impact. This is the INFOCOMM Technologies Cloud Services Platform – XHUMA.

Go mobile with mobile application systems from ICT Ltd.! Mobile Apps, bring an additional layer of flexibility and access to your customers and stakeholders. Find out more on our XHUMA site at