About us

INFOCOMM Technologies Ltd is an “ICT for Development (ICT4D)” strategy and implementation firm. We believe that technology is not a solution in and of itself, but rather a tool which aids in achieving our clients’ business and social mandates. Thus, while we are more than capable to simply implement an ICT solution according to predetermined specifications, our core competence really resides in understanding our clients’ overall vision and objectives, and working alongside our clients to design customised ICT solutions which have the highest potential to contribute to desired outcomes.


INFOCOMM Technologies appreciates that determining the best solution for our clients requires looking beyond the technology alone and evaluating non-traditional ICT indicators such as our clients’ mindset toward technology, their human resource capacity to uptake ICT solutions, the realities of the business environment, among other considerations. This 360 degree approach informs our bespoke consulting advice which is customized to our clients’ unique environments, and results in our implementation of solutions which are hybrids of HR capacity building and ICT policy design, along with the core technology infrastructure.


INFOCOMM has been delivering best in class ICT4D strategies and solutions since 2009 and we have worked with international ICT4D development brands such as the UN, the CTA and the IDB to deliver solutions in the Trinidad and Tobago and Caribbean environment.




Caribbean Innovation to the World!

  • ICT Strategy Consulting

    • e-Business/ e-Commerce
    • e-Governance & e-Government
    • ICT Policy & ICT Strategic Planning
    • ICT/ e-Readiness Diagnostics
    • ICT and Agriculture
    • ICT and Disaster Risk Management
    • Telecommunications Policy
  • Training

    • ICT Workshops & Seminars
    • Conference Speaking Engagements
    • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • Expert Articles and Blogs
  • Web and Infrastructure

    • Web & Mobile Platforms
    • Network Infrastructure Design & Installation
    • IT Audits


Featured Clients

    • The National Export Facilitation Organisation of T&T (exporTT)
    • Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI)
    • Caribbean Export Development Agency 
    • Trade & Investment Convention (TIC)
    • Global Financial Brokers  Ltd 
    • Europe Ltd
    • European Union     
    • Technical Centre for Rural and Agricultural Cooperation (CTA)
    • Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS)
    • Trinidad and Tobago Chamber (TT Chamber)
    • Dental Council of Trinidad and Tobago
    • CANTO
    • BKP Research & Consulting
    • Women in Tech Africa
    • Caribbean Agricultural Research & Development Institute (CARDI)
    • The Tobago House of Assembly (THA)
    • Council for Professions Related to Medicine
    • Palo Seco Estates Limited (PSAEL)
    • Angostura Limited
    • Inter-American Development Bank
    • Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs – Govt of Barbados