About us

INFOCOMM Technologies (ICT) Ltd. is a technology strategy and consulting firm that was set up in 2009 to provide strategic advice, training, technical know-how and support to Regional governments, private institutions, telecommunications authorities and NGO’s. We are recognized regionally and sought after as a valuable resource on ICT policy, ICT strategies, R&D, technology training, implementation and deployment of strategic ICT solutions.

INFOCOMM Technologies appreciates that determining the best solution for our clients requires looking beyond the technology alone and evaluating non-traditional ICT indicators such as our psychographics, human resource capacity to uptake ICT solutions, and the business environment, among other considerations. This 360 degree approach informs our bespoke consulting advice and tools which are customized to our clients’ unique environments, and results in our implementation of solutions which are hybrids of HR capacity building and ICT governance design, along with the core technology infrastructure.

INFOCOMM has been delivering best in class ICT4D strategies and solutions since 2009 and we have worked with international ICT4D development brands such as the UN, EU, CTA and the IDB. While we have had engagements in India, Brazil, Belgium and other geographies we have a deep understanding particularly of the Caribbean and similar emerging market environments.

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Digital Transformation



  • Professional

  • Designed for Professional Associations & Councils to efficiently manage & interact with their membership

  • Healthcare

  • Digital Solutions to improve Healthcare Administration in the region. Features 3 platforms  i. Healthboards ii. Clinic Management and iii. Insurance 

  • Government

  • Digital solutions to improve Government services and make it more efficient for citizens and businesses. 




Caribbean Innovation to the World!



  • ICT Strategy Consulting

    • e-Business/ e-Commerce
    • e-Governance & e-Government
    • ICT Policy & ICT Strategic Planning
    • ICT/ e-Readiness Diagnostics
    • ICT and Agriculture
    • ICT and Disaster Risk Management
    • Telecommunications Policy
  • Training

    • ICT Workshops & Seminars
    • Conference Speaking Engagements
    • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • Expert Articles and Blogs
  • Web and Infrastructure

    • Web & Mobile Platforms
    • Network Infrastructure Design & Installation
    • IT Audits



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