Improving the Performance of SMEs through the Application of ICTs

From left to right: James Antoine – Associate Consultant, ICT; Atiba Phillips – Managing Director, ICT; Wendy Bellamy – Dept. Head, Information Services, CARIRI; Hayden Charles – Technical Coordinator, ICT Project, CARIRI; Jade Joseph – Coordinator, Project Execution Unit, CARIRI

In October 2011, ICT Ltd was engaged by the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) as consultants to conduct e-readiness studies and to design ICT Solutions for SMEs in the Food & Beverage and Plastics, Printing & Packaging sectors.
This IDB funded project, titled “Improving the Performance of SMEs through the Application of ICTs”, has as its objective, to increase the awareness, use and leverage of ICTs by SMEs in the focal sectors identified, toward improving the overall business performance and competitiveness of SMEs in the identified sectors.
The Scope of Works involved:
  • – Customisation of ICT Ltd’s proprietary e-Readiness Framework to develop a Diagnostic Scoping methodology for SMEs
  • – Development of a Diagnostic Tool to be deployed to score and rank SME e-readiness
  • – Performance of Diagnostic Scoping Studies in selected SMEs
  • – Training & Coaching CARIRI’s staff in the application of the Scoping Study Methodology
  • – Designing specific ICT solutions inclusive of an implementation plan to meet identified needs