Know Thy Council

In the face of what many may consider too many allegations of healthcare malpractice, medical negligence and quackery in Trinidad and Tobago, it may be useful to take note of the mechanisms in place for healthcare oversight and monitoring in our country. One such mechanism, and the focus of this article, is the appointment of Councils by Government to regulate healthcare practices through the registration and monitoring of healthcare practitioners.

In Trinidad and Tobago, these Councils include:

 – The Dental Council of Trinidad & Tobago

– The Medical Council of Trinidad & Tobago

– The Nursing Council of Trinidad & Tobago

– The Pharmacy Council of Trinidad & Tobago

– The Trinidad & Tobago Opticians Registration Council

– The Council for Professions Related to Medicine of Trinidad & Tobago (having oversight of boards of   Radiographers, Medical Lab Technicians, Physiotherapists, Medical & Psychiatric Social Workers, Nutritionists & Dieticians and Occupational & Speech & Language Therapists)

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