• Energy and Energy-Related Industries

    Introduction Trinidad and Tobago is one of the many global oil and gas producers which have been hit hard by the precipitous drop in global energy commodity prices over the last two years. One of the main drivers of this decrease in prices has been a dramatic increase in the supply of oil and gas […]

  • ICT Unleashing The Potential

    Since the liberalisation of its telecommunications sector 13 years ago, Trinidad and Tobago has moved from having the 2nd highest broadband tariffs (most costly), to being the most affordable broadband destination in the Caribbean region. Trinidad and Tobago now ranks #16 in the world in respect of the monthly subscription charge for fixed (wired) broadband […]

  • Information and Communications Technology

    Over the last 10-15 years, Trinidad and Tobago has done well to lay a platform of ICT infrastructure and connectivity. This infrastructure includes multiple data centres, an Internet Exchange Point (IXP), hosting facilities, a DNS root server, five international subsea cables as well as terrestrial fibre. Mobile network coverage is at 100% and mobile penetration […]

  • The Digital Commerce Opportunity

    There are a number of fundamental underlying trends which have contributed to the explosion of digital commerce in Trinidad and Tobago and globally. Increased competition (resulting in lower prices), traffic, crime, convenience, as well as increased broadband affordability and¬†device availability have all converged to make digital channels increasingly popular. Trinidad and Tobago has done well, […]

  • Can Tobago Be A Sustainability Model?

    In order for an economy to achieve sustainable development, the three pillars of sustainability must be adequately addressed i.e. the economic, social and environmental pillars. Due to their inherent reliance on environmental persistence and social stability, economies which thrive on sustainable forms of tourism such as ecological tourism, are good candidates for achieving sustainability. In […]