• Development: Increasing its Legitimacy

    Literature is replete with theories of development – what it means, how it should be approached and what it encompasses. As divergent as perspectives may be, they are founded on the principle that the intention of “development” is collective progress i.e. the net positive advancement of humankind. Early approaches to development focused mainly on economic […]

  • Government e-services more than ICT – Part 5

    Launched in 2007, ttconnect is the multi-channel government service delivery structure of the Trinidad and Tobago government which was conceptualized to be: “The single face of Government to the citizen”. The initiative was developed with several objectives, including: To deliver services to the citizens in an efficient, transparent and accountable manner; To facilitate electronic transactions […]

  • Part 4: Government e-Services – More than Just ICTs

    Finding a Place for ICTs If we think of traditional economic sectors, such as Health, Finance, Agriculture and Education, we will find a corresponding Ministry and agencies overseeing that sector which have been fairly stable over time. However, for ICTs – certainly in Trinidad and Tobago – this has not been the case.  The responsibility […]

  • Part 3: Government e-Services – More than ICTs

    Using Data to Continuously Improve the Citizen Experience ttconnect – the Trinidad and Tobago umbrella Government services initiative – seeks to be the single face of Government for Government services to the citizen.  Noting that all ttconnect channels simply represent citizen touchpoints to Government, and that each service request is actually fulfilled through the normal […]

  • Part 2: Government e-Services – More than ICTs

    A 2009 Ministry of Public Administration (MPA) report speaks of ttconnect – the umbrella Government e-services project – as follows: “[the initiative] served as a first step to realizing the concepts of Integrated Service Delivery and ‘No wrong Door’ delivery of Government Services in Trinidad and Tobago”.  A senior ttconnect representative states that, “ttconnect needs […]