Digital Health

Technology has the potential to improve the quality of health care and to make it accessible to more people. Digital health methods provide opportunities to make health care more efficient, better coordinated, and closer to home.

Digital health technology is ready to meet the needs of the aging senior population, the growing population in developing countries, and the increasing incidence in chronic diseases. It is impacting the way we live and presenting new opportunities to improve the delivery of healthcare. 


Telehealth is enabling healthcare providers and payers to address key issues, including rising healthcare costs, new social distancing requirements and the transformation of healthcare from being service-centric to being consumer-centric; which is bring a new wave of innovation – and disruption – across the entire healthcare ecosystem. Some of the benefits of telehealth include:

  • Making health care accessible to people who live in rural or isolated communities.
  • Making services more readily available or convenient for Seniors and people with limited mobility, time or transportation options.
  • Providing more cost effective and convenient access to medical specialists.
  • Improving communication and coordination of care among members of a health care team and a patient.
  • Providing support for self-management of health care and home care.

XHUMA Healthcare Suite

Accessing these benefits means however, particular in emerging markets, means the digitizing of professional healthcare provider registers, patient data and introduction of platforms to exchange digital medical records. Digital Insurtech platforms will also have to emerge to ensure that providers can be paid through existing systems of relationships, even as new more efficient procedures emerge. Our range of XHUMA Healthcare products cover the range of issues which arise on the healthcare space to enable a revolution of service provision, all toward bring the patient and provider closer and reducing the barriers to accessing quality healthcare.

XHUMA Insurance

In the continuous quest to improve companies’ ability to deliver superior service to their employees, HR Departments, Brokers and Insurers are always seeking to increase their utilization of ICTs to improve both their own internal efficiency as well as their effectiveness in employee / stakeholder communication and service delivery. Our digital healthcare platforms:

  • Afford insureds a seamless customer experience and easy access to their insurance information
  • Allow Group Clients immediate access to updated employee information
  • Optimised digital work-flows reduce administrative burden and facilitate semi-real-time settlement / payment of claims
  • Afford improved real-time communication with stakeholders

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XHUMA Clinic Management

XHUMA CM is a cloud-based, clinic management, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. It is designed to serve a broad range of professionals in the Healthcare Industry from Dentists, Optometrists, Psychologists, General Practitioners and all other healthcare professionals; XHUMA CM can transform how healthcare providers manage clinical information & processes and ultimately improve patient care services. Key Features:

  • All-in one, affordable and secure clinic practice / medical office administration digital tool
  • Ability to provide ongoing patient engagement and keep track of patient health and billing information over time
  • Supports provider team collaboration while reducing administrative complexity making it easier to manage clinical and support resources, update schedules and redeploy tasks in real time
  • Improves patient loyalty and customer satisfaction by affording clients a digital and interactive channel through which they can engage

XHUMA CM was developed in response to the local challenges in implementing EMR technologies, domestic practitioners face high prices and a lack of customization of available for EMR software, which has primarily been tailored for the US-based Medicare insurance system.

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XHUMA Healthboards is a platform developed and designed specifically for Healthcare Associations Boards & Councils.

XHUMA Healthboards helps solve some of the macrco challenges currently faced by the Regional Health Sector in areas such as Manpower and Capacity Planning, Data Maintenance and Practitioner Continuing Medical Education /Certification Management. Beyond that XHUMA Healthboards also offers the Boards & Councils and its members opportunities to network, share opportunities and establish valuable business relationships. Specifically it helps practitioners:

  • Conveniently submit regulatory information or documents and payments required to maintain Board Certification or to renew practicing license 
  • Engage a secure closed-group environment where bona-fide healthcare practitioners can network, discuss profession–related topics, share academic findings /research and achievements, and exchange within specialty group forums
  • Quickly execute surveys and polls, provide data, reports, insights and analysis 
  • Optionally engage with external stakeholders – like drug companies, healthcare training providers, potential employers – to find out about new developments, opportunities and events in the healthcare space

Our solution is completely digital which allows Boards to continue its operations virtually, which in today’s world is becoming increasingly important. Our Healthboards solution also works seamlessly with our Clinic Management and Insurance solutions, which makes XHUMA the ideal one stop platform for the Board and its members.

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