The Importance of the Data Economy

When discussing the way forward for National or Regional ICT strategies, many focus specifically on connectivity to the end user, or availability of end-user devices. However, the nature of the global landscape demands a review of what is to be done after provision of computers and broadband access is achieved i.e. what content will be accessed? How will this content be leveraged, made relevant, sustained and monetized?

The size of the global digital economy has seen exponential growth over the last 15 years – from approximately one trillion USD in 1999 to 20 trillion USD in 2013. The Caribbean region however, remains generally characterised by factor-based economies throughout its isles.

In order to enhance its ability to exploit these fundamental global trends, the Region must harness its capacity for creativity, innovation and content production that can be leveraged and traded over the internet. These are necessary pre-requisites to providing new opportunities for Regional entrepreneurship, economic diversification and business growth.

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