About Atiba Phillips

A senior ICT strategist with 20+ years’ experience working primarily in the Americas for clients such as the EU, UNECLAC, CTA, IDB, OECS, CARICOM, CARDI, CARIRI and the Government of Trinidad & Tobago (GoRTT). He has a track record of designing and implementing regional, national and sector development programmes in areas such as e-business, e-commerce, broadband, e-agriculture, ICT & Disaster Risk Management, mobile applications and e-readiness.

Phillips also has extensive knowledge in the area of e-government having been involved in writing two consecutive National ICT plans for Trinidad and Tobago, and having consulted with the Government on the implementation of their recent Plan, branded SmarTT.

Through his extensive involvement in ICT4D initiatives, he developed a deep proficiency in the development of models, best practices, policies, strategies and capacity building programmes with regard to ICT for Development. Some of Phillips’ models include, but are not limited to the e-Readiness Framework and the e-Commerce Maturity Framework, which have been accepted by Regional and international organisations. Other models developed by Phillips have been published in the recently launched book, “Key Determinants of National Development” http://www.gowerpublishing.com/isbn/9781472462831.

Phillips has held positions such as Chairman and Managing Director of the National ICT Company for Trinidad, and National Executive Manager e-Commerce. He is a current member of the ICT Program Advisory Board of the University of Trinidad and Tobago and has lectured at the Masters level in Strategic IT in e-Business and e-Marketing through the University of Greenwich. Phillips holds an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley, USA and is both a Fulbright and Haas Merit Scholar.