About Kelly-Ann Phillips

As a development professional operating in the Caribbean “ICT for Development (ICT4D)”, Kelly-Ann’s key work focus has been the management and implementation of projects which progress the development agenda of Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean.

In this regard, Kelly-Ann has worked alongside Regional and international development organisations, performing on projects which, for example, enhance business uptake of ICTs, encourage youth involvement in agriculture, promote female involvement in the ICT sector, and facilitate digital transformations.

In addition to authoring sections of development consultancy reports, Kelly-Ann is also published within premier business magazines in Trinidad and Tobago as she presents her development perspectives on healthcare, the environment and ways in which SMEs could be leveraged to achieve national development objectives.

In the context of national community development, Kelly-Ann serves as a Director at an ICT4D charity, where she assumes an executive role in designing and implementing impactful programmes. Kelly-Ann has delivered mentorship talks to youth and entrepreneurial publics, and in the context of global celebrations of “Women and Girls in ICT”, Kelly-Ann has collaborated with Regional organisations to provide practical, accessible and present opportunities for secondary school girls to become engaged in the ICT sector.

Kelly-Ann holds a double major Bachelor’s Degree from the University of the West Indies and she is certified in several development related topics through the Inter-American Development Bank, the UN and the University of Adelaide, Australia.